Advanced client and server geospatial and mapping platform

Mapzania is a powerful and feature-rich mapping toolkit that is the result of comprehensive development, testing, refinement and practical application. Developed by Aspire Solutions as an in-house tool, Mapzania is specifically designed to provide premier web-based mapping solutions on .NET systems.

The intelligent solution Mapzania: A History

First conceived in the context of low-bandwidth environments in South Africa, with few viable solutions for web-based mapping, the first iteration of Mapzania was developed by Aspire Solutions to create a toolbox for in-house use with business applications that required mapping capabilities. As these requirements were frequently heavier than those for which alternative products had been developed, the Mapzania team developed their own mapping engine for the product.

Solutions on the go

Throughout its development and use, Mapzania has undergone several technical overhauls to meet in-house requirements. The first vector engine used was .SVG based, but as various browsers discontinued native .SVG support, this was abandoned in favour of a flash-based renderer. As support for these systems has now been discontinued itself, Mapzania now uses Leaflet to meet its rendering requirements, in addition to hosting the mapping server.

Tried and tested

After extensive development and use at Aspire Solutions, Mapzania was established as an independent company and is currently fully functional and in use for various projects, both private and public, in sectors such as transport, traffic and xxx.

Get on board

At present, while Mapzania is near completion as an independent, licensed commercial product, such use is managed and subject to the nature of interest in the product. As such, additional development is required for those interested in testing, further development and packaging as a market-ready product.